Our Mission

The e-Learning Design and Innovation Group (eLDIG) provides course design and development services in order to support Smeal’s mission of providing a world-class education that prepares students for professional achievement, societal contributions, and lifelong learning.

Our Goal

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Our Role in the Smeal College of Business

The Smeal College of Business e-Learning Design and Innovation Group (eLDIG) is committed to excellence in teaching and learning for all delivery formats: online, face-to-face, and hybrid. eLDIG’s work is focused on developing creative and engaging teaching and learning experiences guided by the principle that we must continually find ways to improve the quality of the student experience. Our team works closely with faculty members and teaching support specialists to design, develop, and enhance Smeal’s courses and integrate educational technology solutions. In order to accomplish this, we also work collaboratively with Smeal’s Research, Instruction, and Information Technology (RIIT) Group and other college and University partners.

Our work relies upon a universal design model, and we evaluate the success of teaching innovations through a data-driven, iterative approach. The eLDIG team stays up to date on research to better understand how students learn, how technology can transform learning, how to increase student engagement and retention, and how to best support faculty and staff. Throughout the year, eLDIG provides a variety of resources and faculty development opportunities through our Smeal Academy to assist the Smeal community in elevating their understanding of best practices, pedagogy, and accessibility, while leveraging instructional technologies and tools to improve student outcomes.