eLDIG is a team of instructional designers, educational technologists, and instructional production specialists with expertise in teaching and learning with technology. eLDIG integrates content, technology, and pedagogy and collaborates with faculty and staff to enhance Smeal’s instructional needs. Whether working on fully-online course design, development, and delivery or one-off consultations related to a specific course needs, eLDIG is here to help. Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your instructional needs.

eLDIG’s focus on pedagogy, innovation, and collaboration serves as the foundation for our work on your course(s).

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Pedagogy Focus

  • Learning Objectives provide specific, measurable statements about what learners will be able to do as a result of taking your course.
  • Assessment Strategies ​​employ tools for measuring student learning and progress. Some common assessments are individual assignments, group projects, discussion forums, case studies, quizzes, and exams.
  • Engagement Opportunities employ strategies that encourage connections between students, peers, instructors, TSSs, and TAs.

Innovation Focus

  • Problem-Solving. eLDIG helps you explore innovative solutions for Instruction, assessment, engagement, and technology.
  • Educational Technologies help enhance learning. New technologies emerge regularly and eLDIG stays up-to-date with existing as well as new and emerging technologies.
  • Research. eLDIG designers have advanced degrees in education. We stay relevant in learning science research to share with the Smeal community and also conduct research projects.

Collaboration Focus

  • Project Managing. eLDIG designers are trained project managers, managing course design, development, and continual improvement while also managing course accessibility and multimedia needs.
  • Academic Integrity. eLDIG puts academic integrity at the foundation of all courses communicating the importance of the Smeal Honor Code while employing strategies to increase exam security as well as copyright compliance.
  • Partnerships. The eLDIG team partners with faculty, staff, and instructional teams at Smeal and across the University.