Strategies & Solutions

  • General – Some general remote teaching strategies
  • Before the Course Starts – How to prepare your course for remote teaching via Canvas
  • During the Course Run – How to deliver your course using remote teaching
  • After the Course Concludes – How to finish the course and submit grades

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Be sure to let your students know how you will communicate with them (you should also include this information on your syllabus). Will you use Canvas Announcements or Inbox? Email? Or some other method(s)? We can (and should) clearly state our communication policies to our students.

Record Your Lectures in Advance

Prepare a recorded lecture in advance using Zoom. Our teams are happy to work with faculty to provide advice about software, microphones, and camera settings as well as to how to deliver your video(s) online.

Host Your Class Online During Your Scheduled Class Time

Penn State offers Zoom video conferencing so you can meet with up to 500 people online simultaneously.

Provide “Before Class” Resources in Place of the Scheduled Class

Provide and assign online readings and/or lecture videos that address the material(s) you would have normally covered in a face-to-face class, and require students to review those prior to class. Then use class time to discuss the topics your readings and recordings covered.

Design Alternative Activities

Create a Canvas-based quiz or assignment or Kaltura video quiz to encourage student accountability for reviewing material that you provide online. You could also open a Canvas discussion forum to provide a platform where students can respond to questions and discuss course concepts.

Review Current Policies

Be sure to review University policies related to absences, emergencies, and class instruction. Most related policies are linked at the beginning of the Penn State Web Learning Contingency Planning for Undergraduate Education site.

Before the Course Starts

Set Course Objectives

Create Your Syllabus

Conceptualize Your Course Design

Create Your Course Schedule

  • List all due dates for assignments and assessments
  • List all live session dates.

Create Your Course Content

  • Use Word to Capture Your Unique Course Content
    • Can be Later Uploaded to Canvas or Copied into Canvas Pages
  • Identify Course Content From Other Sources
    • Links, Files, etc.

Create Your Course Files (Recorded Lectures, Word docs, PDFs, etc.)

Organize Your Course Content

  • List Your Face-to-face, In-class Activities
  • List Your Online Activities

Create Your Course Assignments and Discussions

Create Your Course Assessments

Record “Watch Before Class” Lectures

In Canvas – Course Development

During the Course Run

Communicate with Students

Run Your Live Sessions

Share Your Live Session Recordings

Use SpeedGrader to Grade Submitted Assignments and Assessments

After the Course Concludes

Send a Final Announcement to Students

Provide a Link to Your SRTE

Submit Grades to LionPath


Download this Remote Teaching Strategies Checklist and check off items as you complete them!

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