Canvas recently introduced a new Rich Content Editor (RCE) to improve ease of use when creating or editing content in your Canvas course. Along with new icons, the updated RCE also includes a new workflow for embedding Kaltura videos into Canvas content. The “Embed Kaltura Media” option, which was readily available in the previous RCE, must now be enabled before use. The steps to do so are below:

  1. Click the “Apps” icon in the Rich Content Editor (it resembles a two-pronged plug)
  2. Click the text that reads “Embed Kaltura Media”
  3. Select a video from Kaltura and click the “Embed” button

After following these steps once, the “Embed Kaltura Media” option will automatically appear under the Apps icon for future media embeds (see Notes below for exceptions).

Notes: You must select the “Embed Kaltura Media” text (and not the more intuitive “Media Gallery and Embed” option) to view your Kaltura videos. Also, you must repeat the steps when using a different browser or after clearing your browser’s cache.

The video below outlines the process: