Our Role in Smeal

The Smeal College of Business e-Learning Design Innovation Group (eLDIG) is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, both in the online and face-to-face environments. Smeal’s eLDIG team works with instructors to design, develop, and enhance Smeal’s courses. eLDIG’s portfolio includes fully online courses offered via World Campus, hybrid courses (including a number of very-large-enrollment classes), and educational technology solutions and pedagogical support for resident instruction.

eLDIG works collaboratively with the RIIT Group’s programming team to build customized web applications, online games, simulations, and a peer evaluation tool. We also partner with the RIIT Group’s web & multimedia team to record instructional videos for online, hybrid and face-to-face classes. Additionally, we incorporate university-supported technologies including Yammer, Sites.psu.edu, Lynda.com, Turnitin, Microsoft IT Academy, and Box.

eLDIG keeps up-to-date on research that enables us to better our understanding of how students learn, how learning can be transformed through technology, and ways instructors teach in all delivery formats (face-to-face, hybrid, and online) while evaluating the success of teaching innovations to improve methods and approaches at Smeal through data-driven, iterative design. eLDIG provides a variety of services and faculty development opportunities to assist instructors with the processes of conceptualizing, designing, developing, delivering, and refining their courses and projects.