Pulling Final Grades into LionPath from Canvas

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When your semester grading is complete, please consult these resources that cover how to upload your grades from Canvas to LionPATH.

Creating a Compatible Penn State Grading Scheme

In order for LionPATH to successfully pull your grades from Canvas, you first need to create a grading scheme in Canvas with these same letter grades. Then you must activate that grading scheme. If you use the default grading scheme in Canvas or any other letters (e.g., C-) in a scheme, LionPATH will not successfully pull grades from your course. Penn State has created a learning path to walk you through that process.

Preparing Your Final Grades for LionPath

Using LionPATH to import your grades from Canvas is a multi-step process that requires that your Canvas Gradebook is complete and accurate. First, prepare your grades in Canvas. Then verify the accuracy of your grades using a .csv export file. Once you have completed those steps, you have two methods for entering our final grades in to LionPATH.

Penn State has created a Knowledge Base article that describes these steps in detail.

The following video may also be helpful:

If you need any further support with this process, please tell us about your needs so we can begin a conversation!

If you need immediate support, please email eldig@smeal.psu.edu.


We recommend our April 9, 2020 Smeal Academy Session about Grading and Assessments for more in-depth discussion of assessment and exam strategies, including proctoring options.

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