Remote Instruction Lessons Learned

By February 2, 2021October 25th, 2021Smeal Academy Sessions
Smeal Academy – Key Lessons Learned from Remote Teaching
Well, it’s Groundhog Day – and here we are teaching remotely again this semester! What have we learned from our past experiences of remote teaching? What real-world strategies work? Come and hear from Smeal faculty and staff about tips, tricks, and lessons learned as we continue to deliver instruction remotely.
  • Scott Collins, Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting. Courses: Accounting Information Systems, Intermediate Managerial Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Accounting Scandals.
  • Misty Frederick-Ritz, Course Manager BA 342 & MGMT 301
  • Chris McKeon, Instructor and Course Coordinator of PSU 6, First Year Business Seminar
  • Rashmi Sharma, Instructor, SC&IS; SCM 404 – Demand Fulfillment, BAN 840 – Predictive Analytics for Business