Smeal Academy Sessions

Final Touches for Fall

This session was designed to help faculty and staff who support faculty to put the finishing touches on Canvas for the upcoming semester. We cover some Canvas basics, a checklist of items that you don’t want to forget before publishing your course(s), and some best tips and practices to get the semester off to a great start.

New Quizzes Overview

Penn State will be moving to “New Quizzes” that can be used in your live courses beginning in 2023, with a plan to sunset the Class Quiz Engine in 2024. Come hear about New Quizzes and how the new quiz engine compares to classic quizzes. We will also discuss some considerations, tips, and strategies for planning your migration to the new quiz engine.

Engaging Students via Microlearning

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Engaging Students via Microlearning

Are your students mentally stuffed to the gills from your course content? There are things you can do to help them!In this interactive Smeal Academy session, we’ll look at Microlearning (providing small, bite-size chunks of information in a timely manner) and how you might apply it to your course content. We’ll look at the theory behind Microlearning, provide some examples, and see how to apply it in Canvas.

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Microsoft Bookings Tips & Tricks

Join us for a Microsoft Bookings Lunch & Learn facilitated by Jessie Sorensen and Carrie Marcinkevage. Several members of the Smeal College of Business utilize MS Bookings for admissions, coaching/advising, and individual appointments. Participants are invited to share their tips and tricks for maximizing MS Bookings‘ value and use.

Please note that rather than a first-time training for MS Bookings, this facilitated sharing session assumes basic knowledge and use.

Inclusive Course Design

Join Jamie Campbell and Olivia Lewis from Smeal’s Office of Diversity Enhancement Programs as they share tips and strategies to make our classes more inclusive for Smeal’s diverse student body. We will discuss 5 specific things everyone can do to promote a feeling of belonging in our classrooms. 




Motivating Students Through Micro-engagements

Are your students stifling yawns over your course content? Want to add some easy-to-use motivational tools to turn those yawns into gasps? In this session, we’ll look at over a dozen micro-engagements that will kick your course up a notch without breaking the bank or your clock.

Spring BREAK Isn’t Just for Students: Relax, Reconnect, and Reset

Our busy lives pull us in so many directions. Taking time to relax, reconnect with ourselves, and reset is critical for being able to show up for others. In this session, we share a wide variety of resources you can use every day to feel calmer, more centered, and refreshed.

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Contingency Planning for an Uncertain World

Learning Analytics Tricks and Treats

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Interactive Trick-or-Treat Map

Learning Analytics Tricks and Treats

Come trick or treating with the eLDIG team and collect some creative basic learning analytics treats to inform and guide our teaching and learning efforts. We have several doors to knock on from the Canvas house to the Zoom family…. and we may even check out what the Top Hat home is giving out this year. You never know what tricks might be up our costume sleeves or what haunted houses we’ll need to avoid as we wander through the analytics neighborhood. Join the fun as we collect some trick or treat loot (hopefully, there’ll be at least one or two full-sized candy bars)! Costumes are optional (though you will see many in this presentation)!

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