Virtual Whiteboarding with iPads

By July 22, 2020November 3rd, 2021Smeal Academy Sessions

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Using iPads as Whiteboards in Remote Learning:
This July 22, 2020 session, led by Mark DeLuca, explored strategies and best practices for using iPads as whiteboards when leading remote classes via Zoom.

Whiteboarding Solutions by Level of Difficulty:

  1. Low-tech: Use a drawing pad and hold it up to the screen.
  2. Mid-tech: You can use the Zoom Whiteboard for simple things.
  3. High-tech: For more complex things (equations, formulas) you could use a touchscreen PC, or a tablet (iPad or Android). You then log into the same Zoom room on both your computer and touchscreen devices and share your screen on the touchscreen device when needed.

If you have an iOS device, Zoom has additional ways to share your screen.

Whiteboarding with an Android Tablet

General How-to’s

Penn State ITLD Capturing Instructional Content with Video

Capturing Instructional Content with Video (PSU IT Learning & Development) Video
PSU IT Learning and Development (companion website to above video)
This 23-minute video covers how to capture live video in an in-person class, live video when you are teaching remotely, and pre-recorded video for asynchronous delivery. Topics include:

  • Compare Recording Options for Capturing Instructional Content
  • Set Up Your Recording Space
  • Choose Your Tool
  • Record, Prepare, and Share Your Content

Not interested in the whole thing? There are “jump” links that let you go only to the information you seek! Or check out the companion website.

Zoom Whiteboard Guide

UCSF’s Zoom Guide for Facilitators Using Whiteboard Options

Additional Tools and Resources

Jamboard is a collaborative whiteboard available in our Penn State Google Education Suite

Duke University Tools for using screen annotation and handwriting

DIY Document Camera