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Week 1: Welcome to the Smeal Academy

Welcome to the Smeal Academy: Fall 2020 Readiness!

The goal of the Smeal Academy is to equip everyone with best practices and strategies for teaching, learning, and technology to ensure the Smeal community is prepared to respond to the unique challenges of Fall 2020. Between now and the end of July, we will be sending weekly emails with practical tips and information, providing live sessions, and holding virtual consultations.


Current News

University Announcements: Announcements:

Upcoming Live Sessions

TEACHTalk: Hybrid Models for Learning, Part 2
Hear about how ACCTG 211 and FIN 301 implemented a flexible model based on student choice. If you are considering adopting a shared content model using some of their strategies or just want to learn more, please join us on Wednesday, June 17 from 11am-Noon via Zoom:
Canvas Basics
New to Canvas? Want a refresher? This is the session for you! Join us on Wednesday, June 24 at 2 – 3PM via Zoom:

Tips of the Week

Tip #1: Get started on your Canvas development.

Using a Canvas Master Course to design and develop your course is considered best practice. You can import your completed Master Course into your live Canvas course section(s) prior to the start of the semester. Request your own Master Course in Canvas:

Tip #2: Upgrade your syllabus.

A great syllabus will save you time! Students will ask fewer questions when course expectations are clear. See Building Stellar Syllabi for more information:


Ask eLDIG/RIIT – Open Consultations

Zoom Hours –

  • Thursday, July 9, 1 to 3 p.m.
  • Thursday, July 16, 10 to 11 a.m.
  • More to be announced


Check out the eLDIG website for more resources and support.

Contact Us

Email us at: or fill out our Remote Teaching Support form.

Fall 2020 Readiness Announcement

Smeal Academy: Fall 2020 Readiness Announcement

In response to the recent University announcement and many future unknowns, we wantto reassure you that we are in this together as we all prepare for Fall 2020.

As the great songwriter Bob Dylan wrote, “The times, they are a-changin’.” As we reflect on lessons learned from the spring and summer semesters and think about how to best support the Smeal community, we have developed an academy to share resources and provide guidance.The purpose of the Smeal Academy is to equip everyone with best practices and strategies for teaching, learning and technology to ensure the Smeal community isprepared to respond to the unique challenges of Fall 2020. More details on the Academy will follow. Keep an eye out for our weekly tips, resources, and opportunities to participate in sessions designed to help us adapt to these changes!

Smeal Academy: Fall 2020 Readiness Survey – What Do You Need?

Your response to this brief survey will, in part, guide the Smeal Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) Team in customizing the content of the upcoming Smeal Academy sessions and for reaching out to you individually as needed. We need your input!