Smeal Academy Sessions

Remote Learning Strategies

This session was held on March 17, 2020, to share tips, tricks, and strategies for remote instruction using Zoom, Canvas, Kaltura, and other tools in response to the University’s decision to move all courses to remote learning delivery for the second half of the Spring 2020 semester.

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Recording Consent: Can I Record My Class Via Zoom

Yes, you may do this, but you need to securely store the recordings and destroy them at the end of the semester. If you intend to use the recordings after the end of the semester, any type of identifying information must be removed. In addition, you must inform students that they are being recorded by sharing the following language with them: “Video and audio recordings of class lectures will be part of the classroom activity. The video and audio recording is used for educational use/purposes and may only be made available to students presently enrolled in the class. For purposes where the recordings will be used in future class sessions/lectures, any type of identifying information will be adequately removed.” Taken from:

Additionally, Zoom has a ‘Recording Consent’ option that can be enabled. It prompts participants for consent to be recorded when recording starts. Here’s how to enable this setting.


Please refer to this file to review Questions and Answers from the Session Chat

Following is a link to the Read – Watch – Do Graphic Organizer Canvas Page that was demoed during the session.

Canvas is Not So Scary

In this session, we discuss and demonstrate some Canvas strategies and best practices with an eye toward easier course management and improved student and instructor experiences. Now that Canvas has become more familiar, this session can help you take your course to the next level.

Session Recording Date: 10.30.19

Ethics Simulation

Do you think it’s important to teach your students ethical decision-making? Listen to this presentation on Smeal’s new initiative to engage students in a practical, challenging ethics simulation that draws on the expertise of faculty and the eLDIG team. Give the simulation a try and find out how you can become part of this collaborative project.

Session Recording Date: 9.30.19

The New Canvas Gradebook

Are you interested in learning about the new features in the Canvas gradebook? In this session, presenters from Penn State’s IT Learning & Development discuss and demonstrate the new Canvas gradebook so you can learn strategies to enhance your teaching and learning in Canvas. Watch to find out what’s changed, what’s new, and be prepared for the new semester.

Session Recording Date: 8.29.19

Zoom Strategies for Effective Online Teaching

Resources and Next Steps

Please visit the Zoom Learning Paths for just in time resources for using Zoom or to explore additional learning resources.

If you are using Zoom with your students or others who are not familiar with Zoom, here is a Quick Start Guide that you can use to prepare them.

Other Resources Mentioned in Training

Additional Training

There is an additional training session you might be interested in. Go to for details using the links below. Also, feel free to email with your questions.

We also have training for Kaltura which was mentioned in the session.